Welcome to Black Walnut Acres, a small farm located outside of Thedford, Ontario. We specialize in the production of free-range goat, poultry and apiary products. Most of our products are seasonal, with currently available products listed below. For a full listing of our products, see our Farm-Fresh Product page.

Currently Available

Free-Range Chicken & Duck Eggs

Our chickens and ducks roam nearly 2.5 acres of mixed pasture, creek, and forest. The wild forage they consume gives their eggs a deeply coloured yolk and luscious flavour that cannot be beat. Eggs are sold by the dozen – larger orders may require a few days to put togeather.

Chicken Eggs: $4/dozen

Duck Eggs: $6/dozen


We have 25 “Easter Egger” chicks ready for pickup. They were hatched on April 1 2021, and are sold unsexed. These birds are a mixture of Americana and Black Australorps, and will produce eggs ranging in colour from brown, to blue, to green, to taupe. These are dual-purpose birds, and can be raised for eggs, meat, or as a pet.

Contact for Pricing

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